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True, that may be the case, WRT the projector.  I have never taken more than a cursory look at those.  So I may be missing something.  However, I think the beam patter is more controlled by the lens... the cutoff and such.
A local friend's is equipped with the OE lights, and euro lenses.  Side by side at night, his and mine are nearly identical.  Mine do have a slight edge, but not one worth $700+, and the wiring project involved... no to mention the autocheck issues that arise.  I just think you could get the same edge in US housings by using the HIDs and the euro lenses.
I'm definitely not a lighting expert, those have just been my observations.
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Dave: Not to be nit picky, but I think you mean "projector" as the low beam is 
a projector unit. But, are you sure the e-code is not a different projector 
unit? I'd say it is based on the beam pattern of e-code which has a sharp 
vertical cut-off and angles up towards the right. Also, the DOT-spec uses a 
900x bulb, while the e-code uses an H1.

Sean Douglas

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