[s-cars] Alternative to our 4A0 905 351A POS units

Joseph Pizzimenti joe at betterbuildingservices.com
Thu Feb 16 19:14:18 EST 2006

He's Canadian, ya know.

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In your note you refer in the subject to our  4A0 905 351A. In the text 
you refer to the S4 number as: 4A0 905 315A.  Then you mention as the 
Hitachi number for the V6 as, 4A0 905 351.  You later refer to the 
Hitachi number as 4A 905 315.  Am I just totally confused or am I 
dealing with a dyslexia patient? What are the correct numbers?

forgied at direct.ca wrote:

>No. I don't mean 1.8t coil packs, necessarily.
>Earlier this week, Pop (from Thailand)on AudidoodiWorld was wondering 
>whether the 4A0 905 351 Power Output Stage (POS) from a 92-97 wasted spark
>(fires two cylinders at once) V6 ignition system would work on our cars,
>as a substitute for our 4A0 905 315A POS units. I was skeptical having
>never seen one. Bar1 from Europe said it would work. Pop said it would
>work. SA UrS4 from South Africa said it would work. I wanted more info
>(e.g. a picture).
>Today, at lunch, I went over to VM Autohaus to see one of these brown
>Hitachi-made 4A0 905 315 POS units that Kris has in stock for his V6
>customers. Sure enough the 315 Hitachi is very close to the 315A Bosch.
>The Hitachi is slightly longer but the pins seem to be the same (I
>compared it two my old POSs that are still mounted on the firewall (but
>not being used)).
>Looking at the front side, the pin lables are as follows:
>E1_E2_E3 at the three pin end and
>I1_I2_G_I3 at the four pin end.
>I don't have my pin out info handy so I can't confirm 100% that the pin
>outs are the same. I will do that tonight at home and report back.
>For giggles, I asked Kris to check the pricing on the 315A (our OE number)
>and the 315 (the V6 POS). My price (in $CDN) would be $320 for the 315 A
>(S4/S6) and $175 for the 315 (V6) POS.
>For comparisons, the $320 315A price for the single POS is about what I
>spent for my entire 1.8t coil pack conversion. The $175 single 315 price
>is about what I paid for five 1.8 t 115L coil packs (that have built-in
>Oops.  Sorry, some 1.8t coil pack stuff did creep in after all.
>Dave F.
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