[s-cars] Alternative to our 4A0 905 351A POS units

Brian Powell powellb at gmail.com
Thu Feb 16 22:10:00 EST 2006

> Earlier this week, Pop (from Thailand)on AudidoodiWorld was wondering
> whether the 4A0 905 351 Power Output Stage (POS) from a 92-97 wasted spark
> (fires two cylinders at once) V6 ignition system would work on our cars,
> as a substitute for our 4A0 905 315A POS units. I was skeptical having
> never seen one. Bar1 from Europe said it would work. Pop said it would
> work. SA UrS4 from South Africa said it would work. I wanted more info
> (e.g. a picture).

Yes, I posted about this a couple of years ago. I had a problem with
one of my POS's, and I took the Hitachi unit out of my wife's 96 A4
and ran it on my S6 to test my bad POS. The Hitachi worked great...


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