[s-cars] RS2 Injectors - worth the $s?

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 I have done alot of different road test with most of these setups and I find the best bang for the buck is MTM 1+ SW with RS2 turbo and exhaust manifold. There is no noticeable power gain with going to RS2 injectors and stage 3 SW or Pastor mix. I have not dynoed the different setups but I have a second gear at 3000rpm start to a treeline test that I use to compare and there is literally no difference. Some will say without a dyno its not a good test but I like to see real time results and not some "peak" number that has nothing to do with how fast the car is/isn't. Some will say you risk running lean with stock injectors and RS2 turbo but I have had no problems with this. I do however put the RS2 injectors in on the track just to be safe. Another nice thing about using the MTM 1+ is that your gas mileage will stay pretty much the same. With the pastor mix and stock injectors with RS2 turbo and manifold the gas mileage is actually the same as with RS2 injectors. Anyway, there is my experience. BTW, this is in my wifes S6 Avant.

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Subject: [s-cars] RS2 Injectors - worth the $s?

Anyone out there with some RS2 Fuel Injector "been there, done that"?

So far, I have the MTM stage 1 (software and upgrade pressure 
transducer), and the RS2 exhaust manifold.

Is there much performance at the next stage if I install the $645(!) RS2 
Fuel Injectors with the RS2 Turbo? Hoppen Motorsports(MTM rep) says you 
can safely upgrade to the RS2 turbo with or without the injectors, with 
different software in each case. What they can't seem to tell me is has 
much H/P or torque am I leaving on the table by not upgrading the Injectors.

MTM/Hoppen claims:
    Stage 1 software put you at 280 HP - 332 lb/ft @ 2800
    Stage 2 (more software & RS2 exhaust manifold = 290 HP - 340 lb/ft @ 
    Stage 3 (software & RS2 manifold/turbo/injectors) = 335 HP

Also, anyone know of a much better price than $129/ea RS2 injector?

Thanks for the help,

Rob Pecsar
95 urS6


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