[s-cars] Syn Oil comment and anyone with a spare stock turbo for cheap?

Steve Marinello smarinello at entouch.net
Sat Feb 18 10:27:52 EST 2006

Disconcerting noise now coming from the turbo, I think, on the S6 sedan.  Witht he window down running along a concrete embakement, I hear a spinning light scraping up and down noise when running through the gears, aprticularly in between the shifts.  Haven't checked for sure yet...too busy and lousy weather...but that seems to be the most likely/unfortuante possibility.

The oil comment is that, this car has 157k on it and has never made a sound like that before.  I have run Syntec 5W50 since I got the car and dropped off M1 15W50 at the dealer when it was getting serviced.  However, as they had done on the RS2 avant, they failed to use the oil provided and put in their Aud approved Kendall synthetic 10W30(?).  First thing it did was suddenly turn up down a quart after two weeks...never lost more than 1/3 of a quart in 4k between changes before.  Found that out when I checked oil level immediately after hearing the sound a few weeks ago.  Topped it off with Syntec and it hasn't lost anymore.  The point, as has been raised before, is that the new Audi spec just might not be the best thing for our C4 turbo's.  Haven't been driving the avant much until yesterday.  No turbo sound, thank God, but coming out of work, my Engine Malfunction Indicator came on.  Shut it down and checked under the hood for anything obvious, but found nothing.  Fired it up and the light didn't come again; ran like a sewing machine, as usual.  Came home and checked the oil...down a quart.   That's in less than 200 miles and that car has always had M1 15W50 in it, as that is what the PO ran.  I'm going back to changing the oil myself, period.

F***in' BS!


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