[s-cars] What tires R U running ???

Lee Levitt lee at wheelman.com
Sat Feb 18 15:36:59 EST 2006

I'm buying a set of summer tires for the '99 A6 q avant. Will be running my
OZ Sls (17x8), looking for a set of tires in a 245/40 17 size.

My plan was to pick up the Toyo Proxes 4 (newish all season high performance
tire) as I'm looking for a balance between performance, cost, mileage,
noise, ride, etc. They will be used for 3 seasons, with dedicated snows in
the fourth.

Any comments on these versus the other tires already discussed?

I've run two sets of them and have been happy, but am wondering about


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> --- Serge Filanovsky <s6serge at verizon.net> wrote:
> > Continental ContiExtremeContact 225/50VR16, but these are on a 7.5" 
> > Avus wheel. A very good all season tire. I got a chance to 
> test it in 
> > some snow recently, and was fairly impressed. If you don't need 
> > dedicated snows, I highly recommend this tire for 3/4 of 
> the year. If 
> > I had the 8" 16's I would consider a 245/45/16.
> i'm running BF goodrich g-force T/A KDWS 225/50ZR16 on stock 
> 16x8 wheels.
> i used to have dunlop SP8000 225/50ZR16, and the BFGs compare 
> very well in terms of dry handling.  the BFGs have noticeably 
> sharper steering response, because they inherit their carcass 
> from the g-force KD max performance dry-only tire.  the BFGs 
> also have much better traction in the snow, as i found out 
> during a trip to lake tahoe in a big snowstorm with a foot of 
> snow on the ground.  the real test was when we got to the 
> cabin, requiring us to drive up a steep unplowed grade with 
> snow up to the bumper.  the car made it to the top with the 
> rear differential locked.
> i had driven my brother's saab 9-2x aero with blizzak LM10s 
> in a snowstorm in NH, and my car felt every bit as secure, if 
> not more so, than his car did.
> the day after i returned from a trip to tahoe, i buzzed a 
> tight freeway ramp at 70 mph, exiting at full throttle in 3rd 
> gear.  i can't ask for more from a set of all-season tires.  
> they were $125 each from costco, mounted, balanced, with a 
> road hazard warranty and free lifetime rebalancing.
> i liked the SP8000s, but the BFGs have sharper steering 
> response without any apparently penalty in ride comfort.  
> it's not a fair comparison - the BFG benefits from nearly a 
> decade of technological advancement in tire design.
> the biturbo S4 avant wears contisportcontact tires, and i 
> don't like them very much.  even at 38 psi, they are vague in 
> their steering response and mushy when pushed to their 
> limits.  they'll get replaced with BFG KDWS tires eventually.
> -teddy
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