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Tom Green trgreen at comcast.net
Sat Feb 18 21:15:27 EST 2006

What's the point ?  We already have the Mann filter with a long history
of good Audi service.  The filter media is made for synthetic oil and it
is designed for 30,000 Km or 2 years service.  Is it too expensive at  
or what ?  You can't believe that mobil suddenly is making a superior
product, given that they are degrading protection for mileage in their
oil.  Besides, most have agreed they aren't leaving the filter on past
7500 mi even if they don't change oil.


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> The oil analysis that I have been using is not all that precise.   
> Changing
> the filter more often does seem to make more intuitive sense.  I  
> have seen a
> mobil one filter designed for the 15000 changes.  Any one have  
> experience?
> Cal

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