[s-cars] V8 Torsen rear

Mark Strangways Strangconst at rogers.com
Thu Feb 23 18:02:27 EST 2006

Ok, so my mechanic (yes mechanic, I don't climb under cars to much anymore) 
wants to know what to do.
Since I don't wanna pay much for the job, I wanna tell him.

Do we replace just the diff itself, or the whole diff and housing ?

Any write ups on this job. Some advice ?



P.S what about the center locker from the V8, It would be fun, is it doable 

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> I'm still amazed at now easily the "luck of Paul" was transferrred to that
> diff.  He new touched it or even paid for it, but the threat of 
> installation
> in the green machine was enough to cause it to self-destruct.
> To be fair, the diff did work  fine too...and removing all those broken
> teeth from the diff case helped to lighten the car a bit.  ;-P
> Tom
> Taka-
> Actually, the Torsen can fail in *NO* HP Audis...  just ask Mullane.
> Bwhahahaha.  D'oh.
> Sorry Tom 8-).
> -Paul dodged a bullet for once in my life but unfor. @ Tom's expense K.
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