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A man that writes a car novel like this, is clearly READY to have his car back!!!
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We had the car actually running today. We're still working on oil temperature 
and speed sensing and a few odds and ends but everything else seems very nice 

I've had a few requests for my modification list, so here yo go:

Head ported, polished, and flowed with race valve grind, port matched 034EFI 
intake manifold that's ported & polished inside and out with Big Bore Throttle 
Body and AAN mounts, RS2 exhaust cam, Bilstein lifters, heavy duty valve 
springs, titanium retainers, steel head gasket, ARP head studs and retainers, 
550cc @ 3.0 bar blue printed fuel injectors, 034 EFI fuel rail, Aeromotive 
adjustable fuel pressure regulator, Bosch Motorsport 044 fuel pump, custom fuel 
reservoir, -8 fuel lines, Autometer fuel pressure gauge, Apikol prototype 
Steel tubular exhaust manifold, TurboSmart Pro-Gate 48mm waste gate, 3?" SS 
downpipe with custom SS exhaust, custom Garrett GT 35R .63 A/R hotside 
turbo(Happersized) machined and assembled by TEC, 4" turbo intake with mushroom 
filter, custom 24"x10.5"x4"(Happersized) FMIC with Garrett intercooler core and 
Apikol cast end tanks, custom 2 3/4" charge air plumbing from turbo to 
throttle body, hard mounted HKS Type II Racing bypass valve, custom aluminum 
with custom shroud and dual SPAL highflow electric fans, Wiseco forged 83mm 
coated stroker pistons, Pauter forged rods with ARP rod bolts, 92.8mm short 
stroker crank(2.51 litre displacement), AEM stand alone engine management 
MSD Ignition Blaster, Earl's 27 row(Happersized) oil cooler mounted at the 
stock I/C location, custom vacuum manifold, polished valve cover, polished 
assorted aluminum engine bits(just about all of them).
Eibach   Prokit springs at the front and custom coil-overs with 400 lb 8" 
linear Eibach springs at the rear, corner weighted, custom valved Bilstein Sport 

shocks, 2nd gen 2Bennett solid spherical bearing camber plates with caster 
adjustment, 28mm Avant front sway bar, Pederhousen custom rear sway bar adapter 
kit with 28 mm(Happersized +) 3 way adjustable Big Red custom HRSB, Porsche 
993tt Big Red front calipers with Porsche 993tt 323x32mm 2-piece drilled rotors 
with ASW hats, ASW brackets and Porterfield R4S pads(Pagid orange pads for the 
track), Porsche 993tt Big Red rear calipers with custom 314x30mm 2-piece 
drilled rotors, custom hats and brackets with Porsche Textar pads, stainless 
brake lines with Motul 600 fluid, parking brake activated WRC type master 
cylinder with adjustable bias control for the emergency brake at the rear, 
European CRB 6-speed transmission with hardened spline and hardened & wide first 

gear, Apikol short shift kit and shortened shaft, Amoroso lead filled shift 
  ASW Aluminum Flywheel(17 lbs lighter than stock dual mass), custom 
Southbend race/street clutch, polished 17"x 8" BBS RC rims with   225/45-17 
WRs for winter, 17"x 8.5" SSR Comp rims with 255/40-17 Kumho Victoracers for the 

track, Euro headlights with relayed 100w H1 highs/4300K HID lows and clear 
side markers, full 3 section Euro taillights, RS4 front and rear badges, Kamei 
front grill with RS2 rings,   custom lower front bumper cover & air intake with 
custom grills to clear the FMIC, Sparco   pedals, custom dead pedal, European 
illuminated 6 speed shift knob, Audi Sport 3 spoke steering wheel, Sparco 3" 
harness for the track.
    Alpine CDA 7998 MP3/CD Head Unit, Alpine CHA S634 6 Disc MP3/CD Player, 
Alpine TUAT020XM Digital Sat Receiver, MB Quart QSD 210 4" components for the 
front doors and QM218.61Q 6.5" Components for the rear deck, JL 300/4 Amp with 
a Lightning Audio Digital Capacitor, AEM Standalone Engine Management System 
featuring flat foot shifting, launch and boost control with computer terminal 
and unlimited data logging and tuning, MSD Ignition Blaster to rplace the POSs, 
Davtron I/C temperature gauge with In/Out/Differential readings mounted at 
the center console, hard wired Valentine One with remote display, Techedge wide 
band air/fuel ratio meter with digital readout, dual gauge pod at A-pillar 
with Autometer   Phantom   30lb boost/vacuum   and EGT gauges. 
The late Jim Latour of TEC built the turbo. While Dave Jones of 3R Racing was 
responsible for most of the modification and fabrication work, I'd also like 
to thank Jeremy, Darcy, and Sean for their expertise and help. Brendan Rudak 
of Apikol engineered the impossible emergency brake system for the rear Big 
Reds. Mike Pederson and Dave Dawson provided invaluable assistance and 

Hap, wit moh dakine stuff than I know what to do with not in Evahboost, 
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