[s-cars] Hid's half done sort of...report... Now; Finished!

bill mahoney airbil at gmail.com
Mon Jan 2 21:43:10 EST 2006

After at least 8 hours work, mission accomplished.  More importantly
nothing was broken more than it already was... or lost either.
All lenses and reflectors were disassembled and cleaned (water,
kleenex and an eyeglass lense cleaner) and euro e code lenses
installed.  So, for about $300 I now have some rather new car looking
Thanks for that 15o cut idea.  Seems to work great and we'll see how
oncoming trafic feels about it, though it does through the light way
right, off road out of the way .. I think.
Though these light housings are a marvel of engineering, I have to
wonder why the adjusting gears fall off and the oem light was so dim;
Like hitting a homer and missing the bases IME.
I don't  quite know what to do with the ballasts as one is stuck to
the forward side of the airbox and the DS just tucked behind the
pisser fluid for now.   Might be best to add a piece of sheet metal
somewhere on the light housing to attach ignitor and ballast.
Bill~brighter than before~M
S6 Avant
~ new years pig recap:
Ecode lenses and hid's
RS2 EM, Cam, Turbo, MAF, injectors
Brain by Uncle Bob
DaveStone FMIC
LLtek front something or another spoiler
Six speed, w/SSK
Sachs race clutch / S2 flywheel
Bilstein sport, Eibach
BBS CH, F1's summer and Cup 1, Hakka's winter
Color matched red n black U2 ipod
Bluetooth hands free

On 1/1/06, Mark Strangways <Strangconst at rogers.com> wrote:
> correct.
> Enjoy them new brights
> I am
> Mark S (recovering)
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> Another year and still more projects.
> Since my little holiday A8 oil cooler leak repair project never got
> off the ground due to a parts order malfunction,  I went down to my
> "Rosatto box/es" looking for another project and pulled out the very
> recently acquired el cheapo HK HID's and the ecode lenses acquired
> from ECS some time ago to actually perform the urS6 illumination
> upgrade.  I had been running HIR's which will continue in the high
> beam possition.
> I pulled information on this procedure from here and there (because of
> all Audi models, the urS's seem to have information all over the web
> ... in addition to JaMu's file cabinet.)
> Anyhoo thanks to all the various contributors that have made
> disassembly a piece of cake, which I think the HK HID's installed by
> themselves would surely be, except I wanted to provide the housings
> with their once a decade cleaning and install the ecode euro lenses.
> Special thanks to whoever it was who discovered that the whole inner
> reflector assembly comes apart by simply releasing just two tabs
> (preferably without breaking them.)  Wow, I wonder how many
> minutes/hours it took to figure that out but I surely would have just
> have broken them off without this information.
> Through some miracle of serendipitocity, I was able to make the 15o
> dremel cut in the low beam cut off shutter.  This is a miracle because
> it requires a leap of faith considering that it is counter intuitive
> and a seemingly upside down and backwards cut of the metal
> shutter/shade.  Upon performing the uber flashlight test, I will now
> have a wee bit of extra light thrown up and to the right of the road.
> Cool!
> Mission tomorrow is to put it all back together and see how they shine.
> I will say after cleaning it all up, it was rather clouded but now
> it's rainman very sparklee with new unpitted glass.
> ps  to those who have done this install, is it correct that white wire
> goes to oem yellow and black goes to oem brown?
> TIA and Happy New Year men!
> Bill m
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