[s-cars] Axle bolt torque question

Paul Heneghan paul.heneghan at bbc.co.uk
Fri Jan 6 12:06:25 EST 2006

I had to replace an outer front CV joint boot.  It was on the LHS.  The
trick is to turn the steering to the left almost all the way, undo the
inner end of the shaft from the transmission flange and pull that end up
and towards the front of the car - then the outer end slides nicely out
of the hub housing.

When I was tightening the axle bolt afterwards, I got the 200Nm and
started tightening the further 1/4 turn as specified.  After about 1/8
turn, the 1/2" extension I was using sheared.

Do I need to go out and buy a humongous 3/4" T-bar and 27mm socket, or
can I risk the bolt being tight enough?  Has anyone had one of these
bolts work loose?

1995 S6 Avant
1996 S6

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