[s-cars] ECU sensor input list with link to diagram

Dave Forgie forgied at direct.ca
Mon Jan 9 00:13:51 EST 2006

I have been trying to solve a problem with an S6 in Thailand (its tough
not seeing the car and some of the info has been misleading).  In doing
this, I started poking around looking for info about the ECU input
sensors. I found a lovely German diagram that  I posted to Audiworld. I
then got out the Bentley and another info source and cross-referenced
the inputs with the Bentley tracks and the pins on the T55 ECU
connector.  I thought some of you might appreciate this info all in one
spot, so here it is:

The list is in the order from top to bottom on the figure. The link to
the figure is at the end.

You'll have to reformat it yourself if you want it prettier. (Sorry)

 Device No. German Name English Name Bentley Track T55 ECU Connector
Pins End of line *

 G70 Luftmassenmesser, Mass Air Flow Sensor, BT15, T55/7,55/25,55/27 *

 G40 Hallgeber, Cam Position Sensor, BT112, T55/8,55/12 *

 G28 Geber fur Motordrehzal, Engine Speed Sensor, BT79, T55/49,55/48 *

 G4 Geber fur Zundzeitpunkt, Crank position sensor, BT72, T55/47,55/48
(common) *

 G69 Drosselklappenpotentiometer, Throttle position potentiometer, BT95,
T55/53 *

 F60 Leerlaufschalter, Closed throttle position switch, BT90, T55/52 *

 G42 Geber fur Ansauglufttemperatur, Intake Air Temperature, BT92, T
55/42 *

 G62 Geber fur Kuhlmitteltemperatur, Coolant Temp (back of head), BT94
T55/45 *

 G61 Klopfsensor 1, Knocksensor 1 (Cyl. 1, 2 & 3), BT80/81, T55/11 *

 G66 Klopfsensor II, Knocksensor 2 (Cyl. 4&5), BT89/90, T55/29 *

 G39 Lambda-Sonde, Oxygen sensor, BT57/58, T55/28 *

 F96 (G16 in the Bentley) Hohengeber, Barometric Pressure sensor, BT107,
T55/9 *


Dave F.

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