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If your rear brakes are hanging, the first thing to check is the e-brake cables.  They typically seize up, not allowing the e-brake to fully release.  The easy way to check this is to inspect where the cable connects to the rear caliper.  Put the rear of the car on stands with the e-brake released (block the front wheels).  Check to see which wheel (or both) has dragging brakes.  Then go to the arm controlled by the cable on the caliper.  Use a suitable prying tool, and try to pull the arm in the opposite direction from where the cable pulls.  If you can move the arm, and the wheel frees up, the cables are the culprit.
Other causes are typical caliper failure issues.  Sometimes the slide pins for the caliper seize... and sometimes the pistons seize.  Slide pins can be disassembled, cleaned and lubed pretty easily.  If there are piston issues, it is usually best to just replace the caliper.
However, my money's on your e-brake cables.  I'd check there first.  And naturally, they're not real fun to replace... but can be done without any major disassembly.
Figure out where your failure is first... then folks on the list can give you a better parts list for doing the work.
Good luck,
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Thanks, Kent (and Tom, and Sean, and Chris.)


Taking the door panel off seems straight-forward enough.  Heck, I changed
the whole dash out in my Scirocco, and it had less fasteners to worry about
than the damn Avant door panel, LOL.

I am assuming that during soldering on that PCB that I need to figure out
how to have some sort of heat sink so I don't destroy any other components,
right?  I have some solder wick, so that's no big deal.  I guess I don't
want to fry a perfectly good part that has a $0.25 bulb burnt out...  Heck,
if this works, I might try and change out bulbs on all my 1990 80q that
needs just about every lighted switch fixed.  :)  Hmmm, maybe I'll work on
it first, to get the practice I need...

Speaking of practicing, I found that my S6 has a passenger rear brake
hanging up - looks like time for a fix-it.  The thing needs new rotors and
pads anyway.  Now - since I have never actually done this job before, and
I'd like not to screw up the brakes on a 2-ton car that would be very
expensive to have bodywork done on, does anyone have a newbie-friendly
write-up around?  Yes, I am willing and able to do DIY stuff, but it helps
to have a BTDT so that the hassle-saving tips are spelled out.  Nothing
sucks quite as bad as having something all apart and discovering that you
need a part, a lubricant or a tool that you do not currently possess, that
you can't get it locally*, and it's Friday night and you want to drive
Saturday morning.  Heck, I've BTDT, and it ain't no fun a'tall.

I figure to need to rebuild the caliper, at least, and probably both.  Since
I have two other Audis, I figure the tools purchased will pay for themselves
after a couple of jobs.  And I'd really rather not buy new (or reman)
calipers if they can be rebuilt easily.

Thanks, guys, I appreciate your kindness in putting up with my simple


*Local is Pullman, WA.  A little podunk cow town in the middle of nowhere,
with FLAPS aimed toward American makes.  "Pentosin - what the hell are you
talkin' about, boy?"

On 12/31/05, Kent McLean <kentmclean at mindspring.com> wrote:
> Eric Phillips wrote:
> > I have a '94 100S Avant that has a small hassle that I'd
> > like to try and fix:
> >
> > On the dash, there is an indicator as to what the auto-tranny's
> > selector position happens to be - it's an LCD kind of thingy,
> > and it's lost its backlight.  Is this an easy fix-it, or a "why
> > bother" kind of thing?
> I have the same problem. When I had the cluster out, I pulled
> the indicator.  It didn't look like it would come apart for
> repair, so I live with it.  I usually look at the shifter to
> see what gear I'm in, although road speed and engine speed
> usually tell me what I need to know.
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> Kent McLean
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