[s-cars] Frankenmirror - hmm, how about a question, then?

Eric Phillips gcmschemist at gmail.com
Fri Jan 13 12:04:41 EST 2006

Thanks for the numbers.  But here's a follow-up:  does the right-side mirror
fit into the USA-model housing?

Good to know that they are easily replaced.  If nothing else, the driver's
side on mine needs fixing, due to the lack of defrost/demist capability.
>From whom would I order those?  My local stealership?

Re: rear brakes:  I thought one was only dragging slightly - I was wrong - I
drove the car yesterday, and the pads were smoking when I pulled into the
garage.  Not much, but enough to piss me off.  I suspect that I've totally
dorked up that caliper.  I've read on the list that folks rebuild them at
home with a kit, and I'd do that - but I'd also source cheap rebuilts if I
were pointed in the correct direction.  (Not-so-subtle hint, LOL.)  Then I
could rebuild the old ones at my leisure for use at some future time.

Thanks again for the info.


On 1/13/06, Toborg Michael (AC/ESC3-CC) * <Michael.Toborg at us.bosch.com>
> Part numbers for the "Euro mirror" glass are:
> 4B1 857 536 C passenger side -doesn't say "objects in mirror are closer
> than they appear"
> 4B0 857 535 B drivers side -has convex section on outside which helps me
> see the inside of the mirror housing better :-/
> They are very easy to replace, they just snap out of the mirror housing. I
> used a putty knife with a rag around it.
> Car is much faster with the autobahn mirrors.
> -Tobs
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>  I think that would be a great idea.  If it's as easy a fix as presented,
> then why not?  The "German mirror upgrade" is a highly-sought-after mod,
> after all.  Ooops, was that too sarcastic?  ;)
> But seriously - I'd like to get in on some sort of overseas buy, if the
> mirror elements are the same size and shape as the N.A. market exported
> ones.
> Thanks, gents.  (Again!)
> Eric

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