[s-cars] RS2 Turbo install

Mark Strangways Strangconst at rogers.com
Sat Jan 14 10:54:40 EST 2006

The studs are not removable from what I recall, I tried and failed 
Oil lines and water lines should not be necessary, but get new bolts and 
nuts if you even think about changing them.
The oil supply is in a bit of an awkward place to undo from the block, not 
crazy hard but it's a bitch it you round the inside of the Allen bolt.
New hardware for the turbo is not really required unless you damage 
something, but gaskets are. They are a bit pricey too.
Oil line restrictor is for Garret turbo's only, do not restrict oil to a KKK 

Comments ! Have fun, beat the crap outta it for all it's worth, plead 
ignorance when the cop starts writing speeding tickets.

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> The new K24 RS2 turbo showed up UPS yesterday and I am starting to gather
> all the other bits required for the install.
> Anyone BTDT experience regarding what I should get together to make this a
> straightforward install?  I assume: Gaskets (EM mount, outlet of turbo,
> waste gate mount and outlet, oil and water lines).  Another other fittings
> required?  The turbo came naked without studs, so do I need a new set or 
> can
> you reuse the ones off the old turbo.  P/N's would be a big help as would 
> be
> sourcing.  I remember also seeing something about an oil line restrictor
> being required.  Can someone refresh my memory on that?
> I'll be using the Lucas-Delphi injectors per the MRC recommendations and
> their software.  Any other comments from the knowledge base?
> Mike Bess
> '95 S6 on the slippery slope
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