[s-cars] RS2 Turbo install

Dave Forgie forgied at direct.ca
Sat Jan 14 17:48:06 EST 2006

After Sean Douglas did his RS2 turbo install, another (unnamed) member
of our Vancouver S-car club took up the challenge to do his install
using Sean's tools.  Things went smoothly until he retightened the last
stud on the EM, at the back of the head.  He hadn't replaced the studs
(they are only $2 each) and it broke.  He ended up having the car taken
to a shop to drill out and replace the stud.  Not pretty.

By the way, the new RS2 EM manifolds that we got from Alex on the GP all
came with new turbo studs installed.

Don't go cheap on the hardware. It will bite you in the A$$.

Dave F.

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