[s-cars] Keyless remotes for 1997 S6?

Sean Douglas quattro20v at telus.net
Fri Jan 20 21:11:11 EST 2006

Hi Brent:

Congrats on your new 1997, you are Toronto, right? What colour is it?

Don't bother with the 1997 keyless remote, you are in luck and since you
have a 1997, you can "upgrade" to the newer switchblade style key/remote
(as I did). The cool thing is that it's a 3 button remote (4 if you
include the panic button) and it allows you to open the trunk without
unlocking the rest of the car, it actually releases the trunk so you
don't have to push the button on the trunk lid.

It comes in 2 pieces, the key part and the remote part and it snaps
together. You will need to get the key cut at the dealer, all you need
to do is give them your VIN.

Remote half - 4D0 837 231 E 01C
Key part - 4D0 837 246 B INB

I paid $78 for the key and $67 (CAD) for the remote part from the dealer
about 2.5 years ago.

Also, you can do some trick things if you have access to a VAG 1552 such
as controlling your windows and sunroof with the remote and allowing all
4 doors to unlock with one push of the button.


Sean Douglas
1997 S6 with RS2 stuff

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> I just bought a 1997 S6 (Canadian model) and it did not come with the 
> keyless remote.  So I am looking around ebay for one to buy 
> (the dealer 
> wants $225CDN for a new one!!!).  The problem is that I have found a 
> couple listed on ebay that "appear" to look right, 
> visually... the seller 
> says that it came from a 1997 A6 (which according to the 
> owners manual is 
> the same system).  But the part numbers don't match up?
> The seller lists both US and Canadian part numbers:
> FCC ID:  MZ2 410 819 4
> Canadian #:  267 410 293 3 VDO
> However, my dealer says the part number they have on their 
> computer is: 
> 8L0 959 753
> So, I am not sure if this keyless remote is the right one (it 
> looks the 
> same as the one in the owners manual)??? 
> Is there any way to tell?
> Thanks,
> Brent Henry
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