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With so few S 6 Avants built for this market to chose from, a car that's
under 80 miles will have been driven only 7300 miles per year. the
likelyhood of finding such a car has to be remote at best. with average
miles driven / year of 15000 that puts the avearage car at 165 k. i wish you
luck. i do know of a couple of very nice cars, but they have 140-160
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> Well, turns out my '01 S4 avant is a little too small for my family.
Oops.  Think I've got it sold, and I played with the idea of getting an
Allroad to replace it, but I've driven a few and I'm not convinced it's the
car for me.
> So I thought if I could find a good clean S6 Avant, I'd get what I want, a
little more room than my S4 and a car that's similar dynamically.
> So here's what I want:
> As low mileage as possible, preferably under 80k miles.
> No accidents or paintwork.
> All records/history.
> Mods ok.
> Prefer any color but green or red, but I'm open to those if the car is
> Willing to travel, but would prefer a car within a few hundred miles of
Denver, CO.
> Have cash and am ready to buy.
> Contact me here through email.
> -josh
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