[s-cars] //S4cylinder (still striking out) 1.8 coil mod.

Fred Munro munrof at sympatico.ca
Tue Jan 24 21:54:41 EST 2006


I've been following your saga with interest. You have been exceptionally
thorough with your troubleshooting on this problem. A question comes to
mind, though - you have been diligent in checking out the #4 coil (new
coils, POS, ECU, check wiring, etc.). Are you as sure the spark is reliably
getting from the coil to the combustion chamber? Bad plug lead, bad plug,
bad plug ground (OK, I'm really reaching on that one)? Just an idle thought;
I'm sure you have checked it out given your thorough approach :).

Fred Munro
'94 S4

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Today was a nice day because the weather cooperated with my trouble shooting
needs. I wish there was more good news other than the mild weather we are
having today in South Jersey.

I spent some time tracing the 5 wires from the ECU to the POS connectors. I
checked resistance on all 5 wires from pin locations on the ECU 55/1, 55/2,
55/20, 55/21, 55/23. Every wire checked out the same. No fluctuation with a
wiring harness shake test. Simply put, the wires are good. The two 3-pin
connectors for the coils all check out good. These connectors are for +
power to
the coils. I checked voltage at the POS by back pinning the connector while
engine was running. Every wire is getting good voltage to the POS. I once
again tried my spare coil pack from the spare AAN, just to make sure that I
have a #4 coil that is bad and new.  I just might. Maybe I have a bad coil
my spare coil pack and also a bad brand new coil on the other. It is
definitely ignition. A couple of weeks ago I was driving home from Philly
with a
freind in another car. He wrote me the other day and said that he smelled a
lot of
fuel odor when I accellerated past him from a traffic light. (Fuel but no
Spark/Ignition) At this stage since I have clearly found power to the POS
and it's
somehow getting lost between the POS and the coils. I had brand new RPM ref.
sensor and Crank Poss. sensors to install just to see if it would make a
difference. It didn't. One person suggested I check out the Cam Position
(Hall Effect) But just like the RPM and Crank sensor's I replaced, I do not
believe that this would make a damn bit of difference to #4 cylinder
I also double checked the flywheel teeth to make sure they were all there,
they were.

I am going to do the 1.8 coil mod. I am done spending big money for the AAN
coils and POS's. I can do the entire 1.8 coil mod for a lot cheaper than the
cost of one POS or coil. Since I already have the coils, I have already
the parts for the mod. I will install it on my spare engine first as a test
fit and then transfer it to my S4. Besides the 115 L coil from the 1.9
what is the P/N for the V8 S4 coils. The write up on how to do this mod
that they can be used, but it doesn't give a P/N for them. I have 5 coils of
the 115 L flavor, and I have 5 orange coils that I think are the correct V8
coils. My ETKA only goes up to 2001.

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