[s-cars] Dang - Broke My IR Key - '92S4 - Need IR to RF instructions

Theodore Chen tedebearp at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 26 12:58:26 EST 2006

the APS25CH has instructions included in the box that are
probably better.

the double-pulse unlock is done by pressing the remote button
once.  it's programmable.

the alarm disarm is needed.  it's the unlock all doors 
connection that you're leaving out.  the reason is that if
you pulse the alarm disarm twice, it will unlock all doors.
the original poster had to pulse the unlock all doors in
addition to the alarm disarm, because his unit was not
capable of sending a double pulse.  the APS25CH has double
pulse, so you don't need the unlock all doors oonnection
(and that one requires a positive pulse, so you'd have to
use a relay or inverter).

as for closing the sunroof, i don't recall.  i think the
alarm system activates its auxilliary output for a short
time period (300ms maybe) when you push the auxilliary
button, no matter how long you hold it.  that means i
need a timer relay that will keep supplying the signal
for say, 10 seconds.  i think that should be long enough
to close everything.


--- Mike Bishoff <mdbishoff at comcast.net> wrote:

> Hi Teddy - Glad to track you down! This sheds quite a bit of light on your
> posting lo those many years ago. :-)
> I'm picking up my APS25CH today and I have one question about its operation.
> The Audiovox instructions online are horrible. When you do the double-pulse
> unlock - is this by pushing the remote button twice in something like a
> second or two? Probably so, but wanted to check. I guess it must then send a
> double positive or double negative depending on the system you're working
> with - negative in our case.
> Your explanation of the diodes makes total sense and I suspected that's what
> you were talking about. The diodes need to block a positive pulse and
> therefore the arrow is pointing away from the APS25CH as you stated.
> But I'm wondering why the alarm disarm is not needed. Is that because the
> doorlock pulses also disarm the alarm inside the Audi controller?
> As you noted, the diodes are the way to go, but with the issue of the
> double-pulse not being available, the two relays used to open all the locks
> was clever enough. I wouldn't know how to do that with just diodes since
> they would be always working against each other. I think!
> Regarding the windows - yes, you must hold the key in continuously until all
> the windows are closed on the 92-93 S4s. Not sure about other models. So
> that will be quite the challenge. You'd probably have to hold the button the
> remote down continuously and that *might* work. Or optionally
> push/release/push, etc until the windows are closed. That would be annoying.
> Holding continuously would be ok.
> Good stuff! I'll make sure to solder my connections. :-)
> Mike
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> To: Mike Bishoff; 'James Murray (QA/EMC)'; s-car-list at audifans.com
> Subject: RE: [s-cars] Dang - Broke My IR Key - '92S4 - Need IR to RF
> instructions
> mike,
> i'm the guy who posted as AEIOUsometimesY.  the APS25CH is
> the same as the APS25KB but has code-hopping as well as
> double-pulse unlock (allowing you to leave out one of the
> connections in the original diagram).
> using the diodes is simple.  connect the alarm outputs (red
> for lock pulse, green for unlock pulse) to the central
> locking/alarm unit as shown, but replace the two leftmost
> relays with diodes.  you don't need the third connection
> (to pin 5 green/blue on the central locking unit) because
> the APS25CH is capable of sending a double pulse to unlock
> all doors.
> so the connections are:
> red (lock pulse) to diode to pin 4 brown/grey
> green (unlock pulse) to diode to pin 3 brown/green
> power connections as indicated in original diagram
> remember that these are (-) pulses, so the diode should
> be aimed toward the alarm unit (there should be an arrow
> on it indicating polarity).
> if you look at the original diagram, it's obvious that the
> original poster was using the relays as diodes.  i don't
> know why he used relays instead of diodes, which are cheaper,
> solid state (more reliable), much more compact, and easier
> to wire.  the diodes do produce about 0.6v drop in the
> forward-biased direction, but with 12v being supplied, 
> this shouldn't make much difference.
> i have to admit that i did my wiring with scotchlocks
> because i wanted to test it first before hacking up the 
> wiring.  i never did get around to soldering the connections, 
> but now i'm getting some flaky behavior.  the car doesn't
> always lock the doors when i press the remote button.  it 
> unlocks reliably, though.  i'll be going in there to solder
> the connections properly, and maybe i'll figure out how to 
> close all the windows and sunroof with the other remote 
> button.  
> i can't remember the original behavior of the auto-close 
> feature: did you have to hold the key continuously
> to keep everything closing, or just for a second or two?
> in other words, if you turn the key and hold it there, the
> windows and sunroof start closing.  if you then release the
> key, do the windows and sunroof stop moving?
> -teddy
> --- Mike Bishoff <mdbishoff at comcast.net> wrote:
> > Thanks James! This is an excellent idea. I noticed in the audiworld thread
> > that user "AEIOUsometimesY" made adjustments to the original 3-relay
> scheme
> > and instead used a slightly different alarm module as well as inline
> diodes.
> > 
> > Does anyone have the updated schematic using the diodes and the Prestige
> > APS25CH alarm?
> > 
> > Mike - Seattle, WA
> > 
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> > To: Mike Bishoff; s-car-list at audifans.com
> > Subject: RE: [s-cars] Dang - Broke My IR Key - '92S4
> > 
> > Upgrade to RF... It's way better IMHO:
> > 
> > http://forums.audiworld.com/a6100/msgs/20147.phtml
> > 
> > /Jamu. 
> > 
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> > Subject: [s-cars] Dang - Broke My IR Key - '92S4
> > 
> > After 112k miles, my main IR key broke in half - the actual metal part.
> > Fortunately I was able to get the broken piece out of the lock without
> > any problems. As I recall, new keys are in the $100+ range or more at
> > the dealer and I'm hoping for a lower cost solution.
> > 
> >  
> > 
> > Any "secret" source of IR blank keys for my '92 S4?
> > 
> >  
> > 
> > Mike - Burien, WA
> > 
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