[s-cars] Re: //S4cylinder (still striking out) 1.8 coil mod.

Kenneth Keith auditude at gmail.com
Thu Jan 26 14:10:38 EST 2006

AUDIJIM at aol.com wrote:
> This weekend, I am going
> to (once again) pull the valve cover and cams, and lifters and inject
> compressed air into the cylinder to keep the valves from falling into the cylinder. I
> will then remove all the valve springs and see what I have going there.

Jim or anyone,

Where can I find the adapter to screw into the spark plug hole to use
compressed air to hold the valve up while doing the valve seals and
such?  I was searching for one online, and mostly could only come up
with hits from the U.K.  I think I wasn't using the correct search
terms (I don't remember what they were right now either).



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