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You know, Calgary is only a day's drive north of Colorado. Some of the best 
skiing in the world (Banff, Lake Louise, etc.). You should consider it! Plus 
we could compare notes on our e//S2's :-)


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> Hey all, the trip to Utah went smooth with no problems or tickets. I have 
> been skiing and snowmobiling as much as my body will let me. We have 
> changed our plans of going to Jackson Hole from here to going to Colorado. 
> We have been looking at land out there for a few years now and thought 
> this might be a good time to check out a few more spots, also I want to 
> ski Telluride and Wolf Creek. We'll be going through Grand Junction and 
> down through Telluride then down around Durango and back up to Pagosa 
> Springs and Wolf Creek. From there we'll head for 25 north up through 
> Denver and on to hwy 80 for the long haul home. Hope to see some S-cars 
> out on the road soon, I haven't seen one yet. I haven't had access to the 
> internet so for those who have written me I was able to read your mails 
> today and thank you for the warm welcoming emails. We will be leaving Park 
> City in the morning Friday for the next leg of our trip. One thing that 
> has been acting up with the car is the heat sometimes comes out cold even 
> when the car is warm but only for a bit then it heats up normal. Is this a 
> heater control valve going bad?
>  Elijah (enjoying the sun and snow in the west) Allen
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