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Hello Elijah.

Common problem for cars of this age.  Have a look at:
for my experiences.

Problem seems to be always down to brushes on the flap motors.  If you
feel like it, they are nearly always rebuildable - not sure how long
they last though, so if you can get a new one at a good price, that
might be the way to go.

I've R&R'd two Temperature Flap Motors now.  In both cases, the plastic
black housing (held on with the crosshead screws) protecting them from
the elements when partially disintegrated, but I reused them anyway.
Has anyone priced a new one of these?


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One thing that has been acting up with the car is the 
heat sometimes comes out cold even when the car is warm but only for a 
bit then it heats up normal. Is this a heater control valve going bad?

  Elijah (enjoying the sun and snow in the west) Allen


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