[s-cars] inoperable window switch

Taka Mizutani t44tqtro at gmail.com
Fri Jan 27 08:55:36 EST 2006

If you replaced the switches already and you're getting excessive current
draw (as indicated by the dimming dome light), my next best guess would be
that you have a bad regulator- it's straining and not working. You probably
need to disassemble the door and either see if there is an obstruction in
the window tracks or you have a bad cable in your regulator. I'd check both
of these things.

Is it possible that when you opened the window, you got ice into the tracks
and jammed the window?

4-wheel drifting is fun, although if I go too far, I end up going all the
way around- the downside to having a bunch of short-wheelbase cars, one
lacking traction on one end and the other being way too torquey. :-)


On 1/27/06, pkrasusky at ups.com <pkrasusky at ups.com> wrote:
> Hmmm, no thanks Taka...  I was parked when it happened, placed it atop
> dash while buckled belt.  Cupholders are for idiots, I hold my beverages...
> while 4 wheel drifting through the snow - or dry 8-).  No really, my basic
> rule is well, no beverages.   Driving is for driving, period.  I hold
> my beverages otherwise.  No beverages in cabin whatsover during drifts.
> BTW!  There is no "trying"... you either are or you are...  except no
> alternative! 8-)
> Clean up what?  I said I swapped switches, what else is there under
> there?  Console off reveals, well, nothing.  And it's not as if the motor
> isn't getting the signal, I hear it 'trying'.  Maybe I have to hair dryer
> the female plug harness?  Why then is there a signal?
> WTF did I do folks?  TIA!
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> That'll teach you to carry stuff in a car that doesn't have cupholders! My
> recommendation is to get one of those "Mercedes" cupholders, the ones that
> fold clamshell-style, bolt that to the passenger side of the center console
> and use that- they hold cups pretty securely unless you're trying to 4-wheel
> drift through the snow.
> Sounds like you'll have to take apart the center console, clean up in
> there and then disassemble and clean the switches.
> Top down weather this weekend- 54 and decent.
> Taka

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