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manuelsanchez at starpower.net manuelsanchez at starpower.net
Sat Jan 28 17:30:36 EST 2006

Thanks all for chiming in.

I actually have a set of Goodyear F1 GSD3's on my street rims
right now and so far I've been pretty happy. I read a review
in a european car mag that rated them #1 a year or two ago so
I bought them.

I'm looking at a second set of rims. The local tire dealer
here, who has a good rep, particularly with the race
community, has always pushed the Toyo's.  

I bought a used set of Falken Azensis 215 45 16's to mount on
my stock Avus rims for track use. Unfortunately I have not
used them as when I went to the track the metal hub centering
rings were seized on my rear rotors, so I had to run my street
rims with the Goodyear F1's. The F1's held up pretty well.

Anyone run 215's before at the track? Is there much of a
difference between 215's and 235's? Does that almost 1" of
extra width make that much of a difference?

The tire a wheel package I'm looking at is offering both
Toyo's and some Dunlop Sport Maxx (which are much more
cabbage), Falken Azenis ST-115's (not the same as what I have,
can't remeber the exact model on my used treads, they are
assymetrical though) and some others .

Pizzo, you were right on in your assesment, but I can't run
the RA-1's because I'm still in the yellow group.

Thanks again.


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>Date: Sat, 28 Jan 2006 10:35:12 -0800
>From: "Bill Noland" <wenoland at pacbell.net> 
>Subject: Re: Toyo Tires - T1-R or T1-S  
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>The R is the newer tire -- one would think the prices might
come down on the 
>S's now. Have experience with both the T1-S and the F1 GSD3.
Always really 
>liked the Toyo's, but now I'm running the Goodyears.
Goodyears seem a little 
>better overall and definitely seem to wear better. Have had
them on my Subie 
>WRX Wagon for almost three years and they're just getting to
the point of 
>replacement. (My wife drives the Subie more often than I and
a lot more 
>gently, but I'm still impressed with the long life.)
>Car and Driveway....er...Driver recently ran a test of the
top max 
>performance tires and crowned the Goodyears as the winner.
They were not as 
>impressed with the T1-R's:
>You will not be disappointed with the Goodyears. Keep in mind
that both the 
>Goodyears and Toyos are summer tires and are not the thing
for snow driving. 
>This may not matter, depending where you live. We had a freak
snowstorm a 
>few years ago here in the hills of Oakland, CA. I barely made
it home 
>(rear-drive WMB M Roadster on T1-R's) and didn't make it up
my (steep) 
>Bill Noland
>> I'm looking for feedback on some Toyo tires
>> T1-R vs. T1-S
>> What are the pro's and con's of both?
>> Is it true that T1-R has stiffer sidewalls?
>> Which one is the "newer" design (T1-S?)?
>> Has anyone experience with either of these and Goodyear Eagle
>> F1 GSD3's?
>> Qualities I'm looking for are
>> 1.Good Wet
>> 2.Stiff sidewall
>> 3.Good Dry
>> I'm looking at about US$138, stems, mounted and balanced.

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