[s-cars] driveshaft balancing.. where to.

brian hoeft qweblog at gmail.com
Sat Jul 1 11:06:32 EDT 2006

hi listers,

with a recent clutch replacement, the center bearing was found to be near
catastrophic..  had the BMW/meyle bearing welded to an urS bracket, etc..
while doing this, my 95s driveshaft was in quite poor shape compared to the
'93 i had, so after some TLC, in went the '93 shaft..

i could give more details, but i'll start to blab so basically.. im dealing
with a vibration.  it only happens around 22-28mph. after doing a procedure
in hopes to correct it, i've made numerous calls around my area (northeast
PA) looking for someone to balance the shaft and found nothing.  once anyone
hears that theres CV's at each end and a center support they act like i
started speaking in foreign tongues, then i get a "maybe" if i supply a
special part.. maybes dont cut it.

i was referred to 'the driveshaft shop' by mr mamana that owns a shop local
to me,, 'MMI'.  but that would require shipping. id prefer to drive a few
hours even to avoid that.  ive also been told by someone that audiAG aligns
them while on the car.. a feat i dont expect out of any shop.. unless
someone here knows..

suggestions?  thanks, //brian

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