[s-cars] Tat..Tat Noise in Engine

Grant Lenahan glenahan at fastmail.fm
Mon Jul 3 19:31:27 EDT 2006

Wow - so many unrelated issues to address!

1.) My first guess would be valve lifters, and if so, its no big deal.
2.) 89 octane is too low for a -any- turbo car
3.) rislone probably wont help anything unless your engine has been 
gunked up.   I think you need to explain what you are thinking, unless 
everyone but me knows already.....

On Jul 3, 2006, at 7:27 PM, Max Hoepli wrote:

> I have a MC engine in Type 44 Quattro, with turbo charger  with 
> 285,000 km. when idling it makes a 
> tat...tat....tat......tat.......tat...noise from top part of engine. 
> When inside of car noise is not heard. Engine never overheats, starts 
> immediately. Sometimes there is white smoke coming out of exhaust just 
> after starting. I alternately fill tank with RON 89 and 91. What could 
> problem be?...if any? Gasoline may be issue. Could Rislone additive 
> help?
> Max
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