[s-cars] FW: Brake Light and Thrumming Pedal

Fred Munro munrof at sympatico.ca
Wed Jul 5 20:17:56 EDT 2006

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LOL - easier typed than done for sure.

Doug, as Brian mentioned it's a lot easier if you remove the strut brace.
There is no problem removing and re-installing it. Pop the brake lines out
of the line clip and the MC should slide right off.

The hole is in the pedal mount housing itself. If you shine a light through
the hole you can see the last nut. Using 1/4" drive gear allows you to look
alongside the extensions and see to guide the socket onto the nut. If you
use 3/8" drive extensions you can't see a thing and have to go by feel like
Brian did. You'll need 3 six in extensions and maybe a 3". You put the
socket on one 6" extension and slide it through the hole in the pedal
bracket. Clip on another extension and slide it further. Clip on the final
extension and slide the socket onto the nut.

Good luck!


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hey, dude, i'll be home in an hour or so where i'll be able to
load/forward you some pics.

theres a rounded rectangular hole in the silver-metallic pedal bracket.

.. maybe you should back up, you might be looking past it.

its still not going to be easy. remember, attach as you go.  fred's
cooler than me cause i never saw them, i only felt them.  i even did
some of the searching with my eyes closed.  .. i used 3/8 extentions,
fred used 1/4, whatever the case, if theyre through the bracket hole,
push until you hit firewall/servo then move cautiously till you feel
the nut,, pull back ever so slightly, then snatch it w/the socket.

..easier typed than done.


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