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You are not stranded... Just bypass the pump for the moment with brass tube
splice from H/W.  A deep 16mm thinwall socket will work in a real emergency.
A few days without will not kill anything it circulates coolant after
shutdown.  Be nice on cooling down the motor and things will be fine.  As
far as why the VW is cheaper... I will let others charge in on that issues.

Peter Golledge 

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Anyone know where I can get a new one of these (Part # 034 965 561 C) in a
hurry?  I need is ASAP as my car is stranded.  I will pay overnight
shipping!  I'm a bit confused as a search for them on the internet.  The
part number appears to be the same part used in a variety of Audis and VWs.
In particular it appears that the 12v VR6 VWs and the URS4/S6 use it.  When
I search for it for a VW 12v VR6 it comes up $40 cheaper than when I search
for the exact same part for an 93 Audi S4 on the same website.  Again, part
number is the same!  What's up with that?  For



Notice that the models it can be used for are the same in some instances.  I
don't get it.  Are they just trying to charge more just because you want it
for an Audi?  It isn't just ECS.  It's other sites too.  It's cheaper when
you search for a certain part for a VW than when you search for the same
exact part (same part # and everything) for an Audi.


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