[s-cars] Can coils be moved from cyl to cyl?

Sean Douglas quattro20v at telus.net
Tue Jul 11 23:21:43 EDT 2006

Yes, they can be moved, but not easily. You will need to rewire them if you 
move them.

Sounds to me like you have a bad coil as you mentioned before that you 
replaced the PSOs. If you swap the connectors on the PSOs and the dead 
cylinder does not move then its a bad coil. If it moves then its the PSO.


Quoting Dave Kase <davekase at pdqlocks.com>:

> I am trouble shooting my dead cylinder and thought I would try to move 
> the coil from the dead cylinder to another to see if the problem follows 
> the coil.
> I have the cover off and the (maybe) bad coil unbolted but it doesn't 
> appear that it can be unplugged at the coil. 
> Can coils be moved or are the leads unique?
> Sorry, I will be searching the archives and FAQ's but I am in a pickle 
> so I wanted to throw out on the list in case I do not find the info.
> TIA,
> Dave Kase
> '90 CQ in exploded view
> '91 e//S2 with dead cylinder
> '96 Ducati Monster in exploded view
> too much apart at the same time...
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