[s-cars] Can coils be moved from cyl to cyl?

Robert Rossato r0ssat0_987 at att.net
Tue Jul 11 20:39:05 EDT 2006

Yes you can.  You just need to swap the leads at the POS between the two
coils that you are swapping.  Though you'll have to make sure you have
enough lead length to be able to swap the two.  It may be easier to find
someone with an S4/6 and swap coil packs.  Just make sure that your POS
leads are lined up with the wiring on the donor coil pack (I believe you
mentioned that the PO had already swapped to the free channel on one of
the POSs).


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> I am trouble shooting my dead cylinder and thought I would 
> try to move 
> the coil from the dead cylinder to another to see if the 
> problem follows 
> the coil.
> I have the cover off and the (maybe) bad coil unbolted but it doesn't 
> appear that it can be unplugged at the coil. 
> Can coils be moved or are the leads unique?
> Sorry, I will be searching the archives and FAQ's but I am in 
> a pickle 
> so I wanted to throw out on the list in case I do not find the info.
> TIA,
> Dave Kase
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