[s-cars] Clutch change.

Theodore Chen tedebearp at yahoo.com
Sat Jul 15 02:38:43 EDT 2006

--- Igor Kessel <KBATPO at comcast.net> wrote:

> There is a better solution. Go to your local Home Depot and buy a few 3' 
> pieces of perforated 2" square metal stock. Cut it into suitable pieces 
> and bolt them up into a frame resembling the Russian letter "П" so that 
> it rests on "rain gutter" portions of the inner fenders. Don't forget to 
> put pieses of sheet rubber under its improvised "feet" as not to scratch 
> the paint. Remember, they will be supporting the weight of the engine.
> Also get an eyelet loop/bolt that you will secure to the upper 
> horizontal member of this "П" contraption. You will also need two more 
> pieces of hardware from the Home Depot: a carabiner (a C-eyelet with a 
> safety latch) and a ... I don't seem to remember the name of this 
> particular piece. Did you ever play volleyball? Do you know what is used 
> to tension up the net? It's a metal center piece with two threaded 
> eyelet rods: one left handed, the other one is right handed. You bring 
> them together by turning the central piece clockwise and spread them 
> apart by turning it counterclockwise. Oh, and you'll need a piece of 
> metal chain as well.

you mean a turnbuckle?  like this?

hint: go to www.google.com, select Images, and type whatever you're looking

> Thread the chain through the above pieces. Connect one to the horizontal 
> section of the "П" bar. Connect the opposite end to the metal piece with 
> the eyelet, bolted up to the front of the engine by the camshaft 
> sprocket. Now start rotating the "volleyball net tensioning device" 
> until you get rid of the slack in the chain and then lift up the front 
> of the engine slightly so that the bell housing can clear the downpipes.

yeah, i used a similar contraption for raising the engine in my mustang
a little so that i could swap the engine support cross-member.  it had
a hand crank with ratchet, though, not a turnbuckle.

there are many variations possible, but the key is that the weight of the
engine is borne by the inner fenders along the seam that is bolted to the
car's frame.  you can search google images for "engine support".  i see
one that uses 2x4s.  i wouldn't recommend it, as wood can crack abruptly.


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