[s-cars] Stumble/PowerLoss Redux

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Have you tried my suggestion of the 02 sensor yet?  Running great at WOT
seems odd for an ignition/fuel delivery problem.

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I know you are correct and I should conduct conclusive tests on the
POS modules and the coils.  Due to the unpleasant working conditions
in my garage, I am trying the "thought experiment" route until things
improve a bit.

If it were coils, wouldn't one expect the problem to occur under high
boost conditions?  Now, I don't have a boost guage, so I am
speculating only, but the problem occurs almost exclusively under
"light" throttle conditions, which I am guessing, is a "low" boost
situation.  That is why I am putting coils lower on the probability
list at the moment.

I suppose it is possible that it is a POS, though my previous
experience was that the failing POS channel was intermittant for two
or three events and then failed conclusively.  This has been
intermittent for the last three or four weeks under daily driving
conditions.  It is possible that I screwed up the plug connections
when I did the pin swap, but why then does it appear throttle related?

Tis a mystery indeed.


On 7/16/06, Dave Forgie <forgied at ae.ca> wrote:
> Doug: You should really check the POSs and Coils, etc rather than just
> thinking they are fine.
> Otherwise, I can see that you have a failing fuel pump on your hands.
> Dave F.
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