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Dave never let's us down...  <<<EVER>>>.  Insert Charlie Brown Teacher
voice that I thought I only heard coming out of my wife:

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Gee, it seems to me that those that participated in this, er, "raffle",
paid $100 for a chance at your car should be reimbursed in full and not
They participated in good faith.  You did not state that the raffle
prize may be withdrawn at anytime nor that any refunds would have the
PayPal fee withdrawn.  I would say you broke the implicit contract to
provide them with a chance (1/130 to 1/160) at winning a modded S-car.
You have the onus to make things right by returning ALL of the funds
even if that means dipping into your "offer..<you> could not refuse"
(i.e. a nice "profit").

But that's just my opinion.


Morning all-

....................Any and all pay pals, payments, etc. received to
date will
be refunded in their entirety via the method received.  Any pay pal's
received after this message will be returned less pay pal


Ah Mr. Dave-

Thanks as alwaaaaaaays for a good laugh!!! - at your expense.  You never
let us down up there now do ya???

Your fanny pack is ***most assuredly*** riding too darn tightly up there
in the Great White North.  I know I shouldn't have slept through my
Canenglish classes and it isn't all THAT good, but seems the post I made
which prompted your Sherlock Holmes List Police post does in fact read
pretty clearly.

As far as "a nice profit" goes.  My golly, who was it here years ago had
that awesome signature I oh so love?  "If only ignorance was painful".
Man that's rich.  Them shoes seem a nice fit, enjoy wearing them.  How
the heck any of us here could ever dream of 'profiting' off of what we
have into these things is beyond me.  Man, figure out how to sell this
thing for north of $30 large and Warren Buffet will be banging down your
door.  Got some bridges for sale too.

Please, do remember what opinions are like...  everyone's got one and I
don't want to see yours, thanks anyway.

-Paul "list scammer extraordinaire / profit maker" K.

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