[s-cars] replacing driver-side mirror

Robert Rossato r0ssat0_987 at att.net
Thu Jul 20 14:32:14 EDT 2006

Again, going by memory here but, the wiring harness should pull up with the mirror.  May have to mess with it a bit.  I don't recall having to take the door panel off when we replaced the driver's mirror on Bys' car.

78F at lunch time here in CT.  Last couple of days have been great.  Thanks Canada for sending that natural AC down.


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From: matt ludwig <matt.ludwig2 at verizon.net>
> was just going to reply with my findings...
> i stumbled through and by luck- removed the entire frickin' side  
> mirror by doing exactly what you say Bob!.... only to find out that  
> the motor wiring cable (~ 10 inches long w/ male connection at end  
> (enter easy joke here, Pizzo : )) is buried inside the door and does  
> NOT want to come up through it's hole where it disappears to. now,  
> the hole is definitly big enough to fit the connection (i have seen  
> the size on the new mirror i have) but it will not budge. anyone have  
> a Bently procedure they could share or a diagram as to how long the  
> 'other' connectors wires are to see if i do yank, will it come to me?
> DC heat = 95F and counting....
> many thanks!!
> matt ludwig.
> On 20Jul , 2006, at 2:03 PM, Robert Rossato wrote:
> > As I recall, removal of the door panel is not necessary.  Just  
> > remove the triangular panel on the inside of the door.  May have to  
> > remove a small screw or two on the front edge, can't recall for  
> > sure, then pry off cover.  After cover is off you'll have access to  
> > the bolts holding the mirror in place.  Remove bolts, disconnect  
> > harness at bottom of mirror base and you're done.  That may not be  
> > the exact procedure, but it's close enought to get you going.
> >
> > BR

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