[s-cars] Got some more good news and now I'm confused

Theodore Chen tedebearp at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 25 20:05:25 EDT 2006

i thought he said he found coolant mixed with the oil.  that sounds
like the coolant is leaking into the oil somewhere, and that's why
he took the head off.


--- Dave Forgie <forgied at ae.ca> wrote:

> That's good news!!  With the head off and tested, you now can have full
> confidence that things are good there and after you've added a new
> steel 
> head gasket and do the Timing belt, water pump, etc. you are good for 
> many many miles (e.g. 60000).
> There are lots of little places where coolant can leak besides at the
> head
>  gasket.  Afterrun pump (cracks), thermostat housing (cracks),
> T-fitting at
>  the back of the head (cracks), hoses (obviously)... I don't know if
> you 
> can track them down without actually getting the engine back together 
> and running fresh coolant and looking for leaks (UV light ?).
> Glad to see you won't have to part it out and you are going to end up
> with
>  a great car.
> Just a little more pain to get through first, unfortunately.
> Dave F.
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