[s-cars] help with a suspected bad coil.

james McCarthy jjssmccarthy at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 26 23:02:22 EDT 2006

Ok folks - could use some help.  The sedan (95.5) has
developed a stumble - at idle and through all range of
I'm pretty sure it's a coil.  Here's why...
new plugs (1 week)
new plug boots (24hrs) 
swapped new pos in both slots - no change...
so tonight I pulled the coil harness (all 5 coils and
the cover) out of the avant (also a 95.5) and stuck in
in the sedan - stumble is gone.
So got to be the coils right?
But when I unplug the injectors one by one -  all seem
to degrade performance. So I suspect a coil is just
mostly dead - notcompletely.  How do I figure out
which coil is dying???
For what it;s worth the sedan is running stock
software with a FMIC and stromung exhaust.
-jamie in houston

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