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Ernest Seow ezveedub at hotmail.com
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At this point, I'm going to check some sensors. I know I have a CPS that has 
a splitting connector, that I have to fix. I also will be replacing my fuel 
pump. Original unit has 180K plus on it. The other sensor on my list is the 
TPS. I have to see if there may be a open along the circuit.

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>I am interested in what you find.  As you may know, I am experiencing
>similar symptoms on my 95.5 S6 Avant.  It runs well under boost, but
>bogs and loses power intermittently at light throttle running.
>Sometimes sitting at a light, it will be idling fine, and then it
>feels like it drops a cylinder.  Attempts at isolating a cylinder by
>pulling injector connections has been unsuccessful.
>On 7/25/06, Ernest Seow <ezveedub at hotmail.com> wrote:
>>Also, to test the induction system, you must block off all breather hose
>>attaches to the inlet tract. I know on 1.8T, if you don't, you will have 
>>pushed into the combustion chambers, and it smokes for a long time. I test
>>the systems right at the turbo inlet, not from the inlet hose. The hose is
>>not supposed to see positive pressure, unless you have a good aftermarket
>>inlet hose. The VAG tester is from the G-60 Corrado. It uses a 2 gauges on 
>>leakdown gauge setup. You set the inlet pressure, then open the line to
>>pressure the system. You also have to set the engine at a certain timing
>>mark, depending on your cams. VW Corrados were 3 teeth retarded from TDC 
>>get complete valve closing.  I will dig one of these units up and test my
>>system sometime this week.
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>> >Ernest,
>> >
>> >This particular ECU has a Bosch 3 bar transducer but, IME, there is no
>> >problem with the VMAP.  Either is fine.
>> >
>> >Except for one time the engine hasn't stopped.  If I get on the 
>> >a bit too much it just stumbles and feels like it isn't taking fuel.  If 
>> >let off the loud pedal a bit it comes right back and runs quite 
>> >for cruising the highway at somewhat above legal speeds.  There has been 
>> >"hitting the wall" type feeling.  It just sort of bogs down and doesn't
>> >want to go anywhere and the speed falls off until I ease off the loud
>> >pedal.  This car was new to me about a year ago.  It contains an OXS of
>> >unknown age.  I have replaced the fuel pump and plugs.  OXS is next as 
>> >as the connector harness (on order) arrives.  Fuel filter is also of
>> >undetermined age.  A new one is on order.  A can of Techron has been run
>> >through the injectors.  The induction system has been pressure tested 
>> >no leaks were found.  I have installed several different flavors of RS2
>> >software into the ECU to see if any of those variations make a 
>> >None found.  I have swapped a different ECU (containing a VMAP) into the
>> >car.  No effect.  I'm fairly well convinced it is not a software 
>> >
>> >Tomorrow I plan on checking the throttle switch for proper operation.  I
>> >may swap out the WGFV to see if the spare I have makes any difference.  
>> >may also swap out the BPV.  I will put the OEM coil-pack back into the 
>> >to isolate any effect from the 1.8t coil conversion which I did a while
>> >back.
>> >
>> >You can build your own pressure tester gadget.  Obtain about 4 inches of 
>> >inch PVC pipe.  You may need to use thin-wall stuff to get that 
>> >Fit a tire valve in a cap for that pipe and glue the cap onto the pipe.
>> >Disconnect the hose from the MAF, insert the pressurizer gadget into the
>> >hose and clamp it tightly.  You can now pressurize the entire system 
>> >shop air.
>> >
>> >At 10:43 PM 7/24/2006, Ernest Seow wrote:
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>> >>Well its seems we are in the same boat. What MAP sensor are you 
>> >>VMAP right? I also need to pressure test my system. I need to borrow 
>> >>of the VAG pressure testers and turn it up to about 1.5 bar and see 
>> >>leaks if there are any. It feels like the vehicle goes into overboost 
>> >>cuts. Its like hitting a wall. I really hate it! I am starting to 
>> >>if the N75 is acting up. I want to try another Mass Air flow, but only
>> >>have a new RS2 mass air flow meter for different software. I will have 
>> >>run through all the hoses and make sure there are no leaks anywhere 
>> >>When your car cuts out, does it restart right away or do you have to 
>> >>Regards,
>> >>Ernest
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