[s-cars] Failing coils - thoughts on the

james McCarthy jjssmccarthy at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 31 22:51:23 EDT 2006

Fisrt thanks for all of the earlier advice.
As a recap for those not following my previous posts:
I have a failing coil(s):
Swapped the entire package with my wifes avant -
stumble disapears - interestingly the avant seems to
run a bit better with the suspect coils but the
hesitation is still there.
Did a diagnostic as suggested with plug gap tester - 5
iseems to be the culpret though 4 seems suspect as
well. So I'm inclined to do them all.
I'm very hesistant to go the straight 1.8 coil
solution as I live in Houston Texas - Crazy hot and
humid!  I know they are cheep but I love these cars
for their reliability and comfort - I'm not interested
in driving with a supply of spares at all times.  I'd
rather do it overkill and only once.
So it's the highout put vs. the OEM.  
Cost OEM ='s $550 (and the POS possibility -but both
are less than 30,000 miles).
Or the "highout put" from 034motorsports - $675 +80 if
you want the bracket...

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