[s-cars] RS2 Bits and Pieces - $250 Sound Reasonable?

David Kase davekase at pdqlocks.com
Fri Jun 2 14:37:54 EDT 2006

Not a bad route if there are enough hardware bits there to warranty that 

Another option is to order them from www.vagparts.com in England.  This 
is the only discount source of factory parts I know of.  Good guys and I 
have ordered from them several times.

Here's the other thing...how is a VW dealer getting Euro-only parts?  
The Audi dealers I checked with can not get euro-only stuff.  I had to 
get all my S2 stuff from Europe.

Dave Kase

Mark Pollan wrote:

>I received a quote of $250 for all the RS2 nuts, studs, gaskets, etc. for a
>VW dealer.  I know I am paying a bit of a premium but I find solace in the
>fact that it is all coming from one source and will more than likely be
>nicely labeled in individual packets.
>Thoughts?  Anybody else interested e-mail me off list and I will scan and
>send the "invoice".  One thing I did not inquire about was if all the parts
>are stocked and available for immediate shipment.
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