[s-cars] RS2 Bits and Pieces - $250 Sound Reasonable? No

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I just picked up 2 sets for $150 each from NEA.  Very nice people to deal with.  They did gave them to me at a slight discount from their regular price since I had purchased a set from their sister company last year at this price.  Things were not packaged individually but the hardware and small gaskets were in a second small sealed box within a larger box that contained the large gasket.  It took them about a week to get everything in stock from my initial call.
I did take notice to some of the specialty pieces that 034 offers - such as the shortened studs with allen fitting on the ends.  If they had offered a full kit I would have ordered it from them.
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I received a quote of $250 for all the RS2 nuts, studs, gaskets, etc. for a
VW dealer.  I know I am paying a bit of a premium but I find solace in the
fact that it is all coming from one source and will more than likely be
nicely labeled in individual packets.


Thoughts?  Anybody else interested e-mail me off list and I will scan and
send the "invoice".  One thing I did not inquire about was if all the parts
are stocked and available for immediate shipment.





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