[s-cars] Suspension Overhaul and Other Stuff, was RE: RS2 Bits and Pieces - $250 Sound Reasonable?

Sean Douglas quattro20v at telus.net
Fri Jun 2 23:19:39 EDT 2006

Hey Mark:

Well, after that long escapade, I'm hanging up my tools for a while. The
suspension job almost broke me, mentally, physically and financially! I
figure I spent about 12 man-days of work to do the suspension overhaul
not to mention around $3K of parts.

But in the end of very happy, its tight as a drum and no creaks or
squeaks and it looks damn good under there. I did have a rubbing issue
of the driveshaft on a heat shield (fixed) and I think the 6 month old
transmission mounts are not holding up very well (S6 Plus mounts are on
order) and one of the sway bar links was squeaking (fixed) and there is
a little too much play in the Torsen differential, but other than that
its pretty sweet.

Here is a summary of mods to date:

Performance Modifications
RS2 turbo
RS2 exhaust manifold
RS2 injectors
Dahlback aka MTM ECU modification
60 mm Greddy electronic boost gauge with peak/hold backlit red /
Autometer a-pillar pod
Porsche 928 GTS "big blacks" / RS2 brackets / 2 piece 993tt rotors with
custom hats
euro sport springs, Boge shocks and suspension overhaul, etc.
V8 Torsen differential

Other Modifications
e-code xenons with range control motors
e-code rear turn signals (look red, flash amber)
integrated garage door remote / rear sunshade switch
chrome side view mirror housings

on the bed
S6 Plus "heckblende"
auto-dimming mirror with compass



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> Thanks Sean for the input.  Yes I priced everything on the 
> spreadsheet you compiled.  I think I will go ahead and get 
> these items from Ken at West Hartford.  BTW, he seems like a 
> great guy and definitely easy to work with.
> Now, speaking of spreadsheets, what is it with you I say with 
> a salute. RS2, Suspension, what's next?  I'm almost afraid to 
> price the suspension bits and pieces and hunks and chunks you 
> amassed.  How did things settle in? IIRC you posted about 
> some creaking recently?
> Best regards,
> Mark
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> Quoting David Kase <davekase at pdqlocks.com>:
> > Here's the other thing...how is a VW dealer getting Euro-only parts?
> > The Audi dealers I checked with can not get euro-only 
> stuff.  I had to 
> > get all my S2 stuff from Europe.
> The only euro-only parts I can think of is the shortened 
> studs for the exhaust 
> manifold. Everthing else should be available stateside.
> With the studs, you can buy the OEM longer ones and cut them 
> down, which will 
> save you sourcing these from europe.
> BTW, I found even with the proper RS2 studs, I had to shorten 
> 2 or 3 of the 
> bottom ones even more to get it to fit.
> Mark - If you priced everything on my spreadsheet, then $250 
> is reasonable. If 
> its just a simple gasket set with locknuts then $250 is too much.
> Cheers,
> Sean
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