[s-cars] '92 S4 Q's

Sean Douglas quattro20v at telus.net
Thu Jun 8 18:41:12 EDT 2006

Seems about right. I get about 19 mpg (US gal) with 75% highway, with RS2. 
Note that the mileage did not drop when I went from MTM, even stock was the 


Quoting docwyte at comcast.net:

> Drove one this afternoon, basic bolt ons, H&R/Bilsteins, Big Red brakes, MTM
> software, Samco hoses.  Drove well, pulled fairly strongly, no weird shakes,
> bangs or shimmy's.
> All records, in going through them it looked like most everything had been
> fixxed and the car well taken care of.  I'm planning on getting the car
> inspected before I make an offer.
> I was a bit curious about what gas mileage people are getting in their Stage
> 1 chipped cars.  This one was getting about 17mpg in town, 19mpg on the
> freeway.  That seems very low to me, I'm surprised it wasn't getting mid 20's
> or better cruising on the freeway as my old '01 S4 got 28mpg on the freeway
> with 330hp.  Are my expectations way off here, or is 17/19mpg normal?
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