[s-cars] Car advice

Taka Mizutani t44tqtro at gmail.com
Sat Jun 10 11:35:28 EDT 2006

There really isn't an Audi that is a competitive autox car in stock or
street tire
classes that I know of, so we'll get that out of the way.

If you're talking about a car that you will use for driver's ed/ HPDE type
then any one is fine, we're not talking about competitive driving.

If you want better gas mileage, the S4 is out of the question- you should be
at the 1.8L A4 and TT models.

I'd look at a B5 chassis A4 1.8T Avant, then- they are significantly lighter
than the B6/B7
chassis cars. 2000 and 2001 models, specifically- they have the revised
interior which,
IMHO, looks better, the projector headlamps work better than the pitiful
excuse for headlights
that early B5s had, power lumbar adjustment that makes the seats more
bearable (I don't
like the seats in the A4/S4 except the Recaros in the B6/B7 S4s).

Since you probably already have VAG-COM, you're pretty much set for
diagnostics- make sure
you get the latest Bentley CD for the car as well.

Not really my choice for a commuter car, though. '99-'00 Civic Si, '94-'01
Integra GS-R, '97-'01
Integra Type-R, '99-04 E46 BMW 325/328/330i Coupe, '99 Miata Sport, '01
Miata Hard-S,
'95-'99 E36 BMW M3, '97-04 C5 Corvette Z51, '03 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution-
these are all
cars that will get better gas mileage than your '99 A6 Avant, will be
awesome autox and track
cars, off the top of my head, and can be had for $20k or less (the late
Corvettes and E46 BMWs
won't be, though).


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