[s-cars] '92 S4 Q's

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Sat Jun 10 16:18:21 EDT 2006

This is almost exactly what I get with my mostly RS2 setup.

95.5 UrS6 mostly RS2 with Mihnea custom software

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Drove one this afternoon, basic bolt ons, H&R/Bilsteins, Big
Red brakes, MTM software, Samco hoses.  Drove well, pulled
fairly strongly, no weird shakes, bangs or shimmy's.

All records, in going through them it looked like most
everything had been fixxed and the car well taken care of. 
I'm planning on getting the car inspected before I make an offer.

I was a bit curious about what gas mileage people are getting
in their Stage 1 chipped cars.  This one was getting about
17mpg in town, 19mpg on the freeway.  That seems very low to
me, I'm surprised it wasn't getting mid 20's or better
cruising on the freeway as my old '01 S4 got 28mpg on the
freeway with 330hp.  Are my expectations way off here, or is
17/19mpg normal?

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