[s-cars] Help with the Evil T shaped coolant connector

manuelsanchez at starpower.net manuelsanchez at starpower.net
Sat Jun 10 16:14:05 EDT 2006


I have experienced the evil and often described catastrophic
failure of that crappy T-shaped plastic coolant connector
component that is located at the rear of the engine, next to
the firewall.

Here is an amazing point, I was literally on my way to the
dealership to pick-up 2 new versions of the plastic piping
that I had ordered last week when the thing let go on the
highway.  Fortunately, I made it safely to my sisters house
before the temp gauge went beyond the 3/4 mark. I hope the
temp sensor is accurate enough to prove me lucky.

For those of you in the know, I have removed the large green
retaining clip from the failed plastic component, hacked out
the male part of the sensor that fits in one of the T legs,
installed new o-ring, installed male sensor back into new
crappy plastic T connector.

I am having a hell of a time reinstalling the big green
retaining clip that keeps the male end of the sensor from
shooting out of the plastic thing.  Anyone care to share the
trick to get that F-er in there?

Reinstallation of that clip does not seem as simple as
removal. I compared the old and new plastic parts and they
seem to be a match.  I chave tried easing the clip on using a
bench vise, but it seems to be placing alot of stress on the
plastic components and just doesn't feel like the right thing
to do. 

No Bentley available at sisters house.

Oh by the way, how much coolant does the cooling system take
when filled. Owners manual does not state the capacity of
coolant in the "Capacities" section, but it does tell you how
much windshield washer fluid it will hold.  Crapola.

Thanks for hopefully a quick response.


95.5 UrS6 with ZERO coolant.

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