[s-cars] Help with the Evil T shaped coolant connector

Sean Douglas quattro20v at telus.net
Sat Jun 10 18:02:46 EDT 2006

Hmm, the clip should go on with little hand pressure, are you sure the
sensor is all the way in?

The coolant capacity is 9.0 litres.


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> S-heads,
> I have experienced the evil and often described catastrophic 
> failure of that crappy T-shaped plastic coolant connector 
> component that is located at the rear of the engine, next to 
> the firewall.
> Here is an amazing point, I was literally on my way to the 
> dealership to pick-up 2 new versions of the plastic piping 
> that I had ordered last week when the thing let go on the 
> highway.  Fortunately, I made it safely to my sisters house 
> before the temp gauge went beyond the 3/4 mark. I hope the 
> temp sensor is accurate enough to prove me lucky.
> For those of you in the know, I have removed the large green 
> retaining clip from the failed plastic component, hacked out 
> the male part of the sensor that fits in one of the T legs, 
> installed new o-ring, installed male sensor back into new 
> crappy plastic T connector.
> I am having a hell of a time reinstalling the big green 
> retaining clip that keeps the male end of the sensor from 
> shooting out of the plastic thing.  Anyone care to share the 
> trick to get that F-er in there?
> Reinstallation of that clip does not seem as simple as
> removal. I compared the old and new plastic parts and they
> seem to be a match.  I chave tried easing the clip on using a 
> bench vise, but it seems to be placing alot of stress on the 
> plastic components and just doesn't feel like the right thing to do. 
> No Bentley available at sisters house.
> Oh by the way, how much coolant does the cooling system take 
> when filled. Owners manual does not state the capacity of 
> coolant in the "Capacities" section, but it does tell you how 
> much windshield washer fluid it will hold.  Crapola.
> Thanks for hopefully a quick response.
> -manny
> 95.5 UrS6 with ZERO coolant. 
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