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Paul Gailus gailus at mindspring.com
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I agree with Lee.
Several of the symptoms suggest that a little oil is getting into the
turbine housing of the turbo.
The white "smoke" is probably an oil mist fog like that from an
insect fogger or an aerobatic show plane.
It would take a little time before the turbine gets hot enough to
start the fogging.

It could be a leaky turbine seal, but I would first check that the
oil return line is clear.


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>Symptoms were very similar to mine when my turbo went.
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>> Question for you gents for a non-lister local friend of mine:
>> His '95.5 mit maybe 145k omits a clearish whitish smoke upon start up.
>> Not immediately, not until a few seconds / minute when it 
>> gets warmish.
>> Doesn't always do it, and it's not very thick, but pretty 
>> constant once it starts.  Seems mostly on the cool misty 
>> days.  It really looks like condensation burning off from 
>> inside the pipes.  Does have a *very* slight bluish hue.  
>> Seems to do it after having sat for like a few hours he says. 
>>  No traceable odor.  Once it warms up or he drives it he says 
>> it's gone.
>> His head gasket was done previously, and he says car doesn't 
>> use coolant but uses the "typical" quart per thousand of Mobil 1.
>> I was guessing maybe valve seals or turbo seals, for lack of 
>> better answer.  But, it's not really that blue, at all.  And 
>> it doesn't do it upon immediate start up, nor under accel.  
>> Sort of sounds like same story Smokey Edweirdo Walsh told her 
>> years back.  
>> Again, really looked like condensation to me, but, it's odd 
>> that the 'smoke' will sit in the air upon shut off and not 
>> merely evaporate immediately.
>> Thoughts?  TIA.
>> -Paul
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