[s-cars] Coolant Leak

Sean Douglas quattro20v at telus.net
Mon Jun 12 15:01:46 EDT 2006

Don't know about a dye, but have you tried putting it up on a hoist and 
removing the belly pan?

Common places to look (other than the obvious) are the water pump, coolant 
return line from turbo that wraps around the front of the engine and under the 
intake manifold.

Also, remove the plastic cover by the wipers and look at the heater control 

1997 S6

Quoting JR <audiurs4 at mailforce.net>:

> Is there a black light visible dye that is safe to put in the cooling 
> system of these cars?  I have a very slow leak somewhere in the cooling 
> system.  It takes a few thousand miles for the level in the reservoir to 
> drop to the point that the dash alarm starts beeping when I go around 
> corners.  I can see a drip here and there when I am driving the car 
> daily.  If I leave the car parked for weeks I can see a spot of wet 
> pavement under it where it is collecting, but I cannot for the life of 
> me locate the source of the drip under the hood.
> JR
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