[s-cars] Help! Bad CPS - Dealer quote

Dave Forgie forgied at ae.ca
Mon Jun 19 19:35:16 EDT 2006

I don't want to start a debate but changing a CPS while doing timing belt 
(which I would highly recommend) is entirely different than just changing
 the CPS without doing the timing belt.  Sort of like gall bladder surgery: 
either you get the big incision and the great view of everything as the 
surgery progresses OR you go in with laproscopic techniques and you 
hope that everything else is just fine while you focus on the important bit. 
 Both can end up with the same result but the mechanics of the process 
and the amount of knowledge gained about the ancillaries are very 

In my opinion.  (I am not a doctor - but my 84 yr old father just had the
 big incision gall bladder deal so its on my mind).

Dave F.

>>> Theodore Chen <tedebearp at yahoo.com> 06/19/06 04:28PM >>>
what's the problem with that?  is it that hard to put the belt back on
if it falls off?  in fact, wouldn't taking the belt off give you more room
to work?

i ask these questions because i'm preparing to do the timing belt and
i'll replace the CPS while i'm at it.  looking at the writeup for
replacing the timing belt, i don't see why there's an issue with the
timing belt coming off, as long as the camshaft and crankshaft don't
change position.


--- Dave Forgie <forgied at ae.ca> wrote:

> You just don't want the belt to come off the crank pulley,  the water 
> pump, or the tensioner, etc.
> Dave F. 
> >>> Theodore Chen <tedebearp at yahoo.com> 06/19/06 11:54AM >>>
> not sure i understand.  why does the belt position matter?  i thought
> it's the position of the camshaft relative to the position of the
> crankshaft
> that matters.  seems to me that you could take the belt off and not
> worry
> about the belt moving, as long as the camshaft and crankshaft don't
> move.
> -teddy
> --- iain.atkinson at tesco.net wrote:
> > I have slipped th belt off on a few I5 motors in the past but always
> mark it
> > first so i know if it's moved at all, finding a way of keeping
> tension on it
> > whilst you work is good idea, bungee tie onto the hood springs to
> mind.

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